Anne Couzinet was born into a family of aviation pioneers (her uncle co-piloted with Jean Mermoz for his historic flight across the Atlantic in a plane built by her father ). While studying law in Paris she was also taking dance courses with Anne Marie Sandrini of the Paris Opera. Very soon a passion for dance took priority over law. During her 8 years of being Mlle. Sandrini’s assistant she did numerous courses, notably with Alvin Ailey in The American Dance Center, Nicolais, The New York Academy of Ballet and Dance Arts. In 1980 Anne opened her own school in Neuilly



The school now has over 200 students ranging in age from six to twenty five. They study classical ballet, modern dance and tap. Once a year, students are encouraged to audition for La Compagnie Libre Jeu. Those selected are orientated toward stage performance but also take part in the set and costume design, and choreography for future productions.  Every summer there is a two - week intensive dance camp in Normandy where learning to live together as a group and the development of artistic expression are essential. Public and charitable performances are given in August in Normandy and in the autumn for local retirement homes. For the past 20 years the school has performed at the Institute Gustave Roussy, the top cancer Research Center in France. In December there is an annual production at the Theatre de Neuilly, which this year had a record- breaking audience of over 800.


In 1991 La Compagnie made its’ first international trip to the Juniart Festival in Montreal followed by a trip to Copenhagen in 1996. The school’s goal is to offer a moment of pleasure and joy to others through classical and modern dance and music with original choreography