Karen Stidham

Country USA
Town Baltimore, Maryland
Years old 53
Language English
Information white Scotch/Irish and Blackfoot Indian MtF TRANSEXUALL STUCK in TRANSITION - LIKE'S, Transexualls, Transvestites, WOMEN, Men AND I WANT TO BE A WOMAN
Need to wear wigs or get transplants - long real red hair- blue eyes, wear glasses - 6'4" tall - size 15 women shoe -350 lbs - down from 460 - goal is 200lbs.
Plan to join a swimming club as soon as I win my SSI case and get back my figure or at least a waist again
Took hormones for over 2 years - have a nice set of D cups,- out to everyone,in public & private life
What most important to me is a normal relationship between two girls who love each other - I get turn on by the simple things - hand holding - a soft touch - a smiling glance from a beautiful woman - this doesn't mean that I can't get kinky with the right person
I am a self employed Freelance artist but not enough business to get me off Social Services - lost my job when I got sick back in Feb.2005, with Guillain Barres Syndrome - 9 days in the hospital and 4 months in a nursing home - Still healing - only 75% recovered and I might never get better - constant pain in my feet and a weakness in my legs - but that doesn't stop me from doing things and
Just had my SSI case hearing on April 15 and they sent me to see their doctors and now waiting for the result
I am looking for friends for fun times both everyday stuff and sexuall fun - If we connect and love happen great
I am a non smoker, no drugs. and would preferd you to be also - when it comes to smoking and you are trying to quit - I can work with that but not the drugs
Some of my instreted are movies, music, art, swimming, dining out, playing pool, zoos, art galleries,museums, animals (I love cats and dogs) no reptials for me please.
I love Jazz, Blues, Big Band, Swing, Latin. Rock, I also love movies. I love to curl up on the sofa with that right person, a glass of wine and watch a good movies - I like any movie well acted and well directed - I like to see the big budject special effect film on the Big Screen but can wait for the DVD release for the other stuff
Some of my other interests are: Fantasy, Renaissance Faires, Star Trek, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Stargate 1 and Sci- fi in general
My sexuall instrest are wide and varied but I won't suck a dick that has been up my or anyone else ass and haven't be totally cleaned - also no golden showers
I also can eat out a Post-op tranny pussy no problem - I just have a little trouble eating out a Genetic woman pussy because of the flow
Also for me - no real pain, play pain is OK - no piercing except the ears for me , no branding or tatooing for me - I am ok if you want all though things but not for me
I am intelligent, honest, straight forward, mature, confident, have a sarcastic sense of humor, I m also looking for that right person for a possible long term relationship. be they man or woman - GG or TS - I date the person not the sex - I adjust to whatever sex they are
E-Mail karenspiderwoman@yahoo.com
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