Sasha Foxx

Country USA
Town Colombus, Georgia
Years old Forever 21
Language English
Information Gender: Pre-Op Transsexual
Astrological Sign: Capricorn
Nationality: African American & Colombian
Height: 6'2
Weight: BBW
Measurements: 42D-38-50
Dress Size: 22W
Cock Size: 8 inches and fully functional
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Below: Waxed
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Scent: DKNY Be Delicious
Outstanding Features: Beautifully pedicured feet, exquisitely manicured hands, tasteful body piercings (tongue), velvety chocolate skin (many tell me it's the softest skin they've ever touched), a Rubenesque body that's supple and full of curves, and an amazing wardrobe with vintage lingerie, corsets, uniforms, costumes, leather, Latex, extreme high heels, boots, stilettos, open toe shoes, stockings, garter belts, thigh highs, pantyhose, and much more.
Hobbies: Anime, Fashion, Reading, Art, Museums, Animals, Cooking, Foreign Languages, Interior Decorating, Human Sexuality, and other exciting endeavors.
Things That Make Me Shiver: Big Cocks, Nightlife, Porn, Touch, Kink, Fetish, Soulful Eyes, Role-Play, Sincerity, and Honesty.
Things I Find Unpleasant: Poor Personal Hygiene, Bad Breath, Arrogant People, Body Odor, Mean People, and Judgmental Folks.