Volunteering and employement : competition or complement ?  
A conference was organized on December 1998, at the Senate, in Paris, to discuss this issue ; the conclusions have been published.





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Is volunteering dangerous for paid staff ? Are paid staff and volunteers competitors or complements ?
There are two kinds of analysis. The opponents consider volunteers as job killers . The defenders see volunteers as innovative models and essential auxiliaries.
Our Institute gathered, in December 1998, experts, professors and managers in the non profit sector who were concerned by the question.
Should we propose something like a "status of the active" to reconciliate both camps ? Testimonies from managers from associations in the social, health and cultural sectors were quite edifying.
The World Days for Youngsters in 1997 and the World Football Cup in 1998, were clear proof that paid staff and volunteers may act as complements on the ground. This complementarity was a key issue for the success of these two major events both organised in Paris.

Préface :
Concurrence ou complémentarité - Eve-Marie Halba
Les mutations du travail : volontariat/bénévolat et emploi
François Gaudu , Bénédicte Halba
Quelle gestion des ressources humaines pour les bénévoles/volontaires ?
Christian Katchourine, Eric Jaffrain
Bénévolat/volontariat : une chance pour l'emploi ?
Daniel Druesne, Jean-François Biardeaud
Deux modèles de programme volontaire :
Journées mondiales de la jeunesse (JMJ)
Brigitte Navail, Laurent Cousin
Coupe du Monde de football
Michel Jacquet, Georges Chomette

List of participants
Jean François Biardeaud, President , RTF
Georges Chomette, Manpower France
Laurent Cousin, Sodexho France
Daniel Druesne, UNIOPSS
François Gaudu, Professor of Law, University of Paris I
Bénédicte Halba, Presidente, IRIV
Eve-Marie Halba, Secretary general, IRIV
Michel Jacquet, National Organisation Commitee of the World football Cup 1998
Eric Jaffrain, Consultant, EJC International
Christian Katchourine, Ernst & Young France
Brigitte Navail, World Days for Youngsters

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