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The Barons of Blackhall since 1395

(The list that follows is based on the work of J.S. Bolton and of J.L. Olar)

...of Blackhall




Lady Blackhall

King Robert III d.1406: had an illegitimate son, (Sir) John, possibly by a daughter of Sir Archibald Campbell of Lochow


1st Baron Sir John 1395 b.c. 1355; d.c.1413; illegitimate, possibly first born, son of King Robert III (cr.1390:d.1406): received the lands of Blackhall in the barony of Renfrew and Lanark, by royal charter signed at Dundonald 12th December 1395: previous known charters relating to the lands of Blackhall in 1272 and in 1283 


2nd Baron John 1414 d.c. 1442


3rd Baron Sir James c.1442 b.c.1414: slaughtered by the Boyds of Duchal in 1445


4th Baron John c.1445 d.c.1493

Elizabeth, dr. of Robert, 1st. Lord Lyle

5th Baron John c.1493 b.c. 1467; d.c. 1513: possibly killed at Flodden Field: charter granted by James IV in 1508

Marion, dr. of Sir Adam Mure of Caldwell

6th Baron James 1514 b.c. 1491; d.c. 1553: headed an expedition to assist the king of Denmark and received the lands of Finnock: King James V charter 1539

Janet Kennedy

7th Baron James c.1553 b.c.1521: d.c. 1579

Janet, dr. of Maxwell of Newark

8th Baron James 1574 d.c. 1589: King James VI charter of confirmation 1579 erecting his estates into the Barony of Ardgowan

Margaret, dr. of Sir William Wallace of Johnston and Auchenbothie

9th Baron John c.1589 d.c.1597

Margaret, dr. of Sir Archibald Stewart of Castlemilk

10th Baron James c.1597 b.c. 1588; d.c. 1612: Earl of Abercorn charter 1607relative to the lands of Innerkip

Unmarried: no issue

11th Baron Sir Archibald c.1613 b.c. 1589; d.1665; Knighted by King Charles I ca. 1636: Commissioner for Renfrewshire, Privy Councillor: acquired the Barony of Mearns

1/ Margaret, dr. of Bryce Blair

2/ Lady Margaret, dr. of Sir George Home of Wedderburne

12th Baron John 1634 b. 1614; d.1656

Maria Stirling of Keir

13th Baron John 1658 b.1634; d. 1658

Barbara, dr. of Sir William Scott of Clerkington: no issue

14th Baron Sir Archibald 1666 b.c. 1635; d.c. 1718: 1st Baronet of Nova Scotia 1667: King Charles II charter in 1667

1/ Anne, dr. of Sir John Crawford of Kilbirnie

2/ Agnes Dalmahoy

3/ Mary, dr. of Sir John Douglas of Hillhead

15th Baron Archibald 1692 b.c. 1661; d.c. 1695

Unmarried: no issue

16th Baron John 1696 b.c.1662; d. 1713

Rebecca Wallace

17th Baron Sir Archibald 1717 b. 1705; d. 1724: 2nd Baronet

Unmarried: no issue

18th Baron Sir Michael 1724 bc. 1708; d.1796: 3rd Baronet: planned Ardgowan Estate

Helenor, dr. of Sir John Houston, heiress through her mother of Sir John Shaw of Greenock

19th Baron Sir John 1796 b. 1740; d.1812: 4th Baronet: M.P. for Renfrew 1780-1796; built Ardgowan Ho. 1798-1804 

Dame Frances, widow of Sir James Pollok, dr. of Robert Colquhoun (of Luss): no issue

20th Baron Sir Michael 1813 b. 1766; d.1825: 5th Baronet: change of lineage to Michael Stewart Nicholson with name change to Shaw Stewart

Catherine, dr. of Sir William Maxwell of Springkell

21st Baron Sir Michael 1827 b. 1788; d.1836: 6th Baronet

Eliza Mary Farquhar

22nd Baron Sir Michael Robert 1836 b. 1826; d. 1903: 7th Baronet: M.P. for Renfrewshire 1855-1865; Lord Lieutenant for Renfrewshire 1868-1903

Lady Octavia Grosvenor, dr. of 2nd Marquess of Westminster

23rd Baron Sir Michael Hugh 1904 b. 1854; d. 1942: 8th Baronet, K.C.B. 1933

Lady Alice Emma Thynne, dr. of 4th Marquess of Bath: no issue

24th Baron Sir Walter Guy 1942 b. 1892; d. 1976: 9th Baronet; Lord Lieutenant of Renfrewshire 1950

Diana Bulteel

25th Baron Sir Euan Guy 1976* b.1928: 10th Baronet

1/ Mary Louise D. Shaw

2/ Victoria Fryer

26th Baron Sir Houston Mark 1980 b.1931: 11th Baronet

Lucinda Victoria Fletcher

27th Baron Robert Brown 2001

b.1947: change of lineage and name change: O.B.E. 2005:

12th Baronet is Sir Ludovic

Sylvie , dr. of Jacques Maisonrouge,

Gr. Off. Lég. d'Hon.

* Date of succession to the title



The 27th Baron of Blackhall