Qui a tué Bambi / who Killed Bambi? (2003/France/Marchand) •••
an interesting mind boggling thriller with somptuous photography, but fails to become solid and powerful beyond the stylish form. the screenplay playing on dream/reality/fantasy bounderies is a shameful imitation of genuine thriller like Harry is here to help, or even Lynch's Lost Highway/Mulholland Dr. (from whiches the influence is blatent).
Bambi is the nickname given by the doctor Philipp (Laurent Lucas, playing in Harry is here to help) to a cute young nurse student, Isabelle, who has dizziness symptoms, and fainted before him. Like Bambi she cannot hold on her legs. the psychological tension in the hospital is well developped, as some patient mysteriously vanish after reanimation. the life of interns faced with the worries of patients makes a juicy crispy atmosphere. but the whole crime investigation led by this Bambi, who has curious dreams, is very stupid. the suspicion is drawn too obviously on various characters one after the other, and their confrontation is merely credible.
i guess it's a one time nice piece to look at, but dont expect to be baffled by the ending...

Qui êtes vous polly Maggoo? - "Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?" (1966/FR) William Klein ***
The World of Fashion seen by this NY photographer exiled in Paris. Parody or visionary documentary? full of famous people (french actors: Jean Rochefort, Sami Frey, Philippe Noiret, Alice Sapritch, cartoonist: Roland Topor, photographer: Jeanloup Sieff). Prize Jean Vigo 1967