Mark Cook

Cook est un trader indépendant de l'Ohio, qui a commencé en 77, et est passé des options sur actions aux options sur indice et finalement aux futures sur le S&P, le Nasdaq et les taux. Il pratique les trois, sur trois échelles de temps, de l'intraday au long terme. Son style est technique. En 1989 il a terminé second du championnat américain d'investissement.

If you had to have one ingredient to succeed as a daytrader, I would say you had better be a competitor rather than someone who goes along with the crowd.

Mark Cook

Quelques extraits de diverses interviews (dans Stock Market Wizards, Stocks & Commodities, Traders...) :

The expectation of a daytrader is to make money a very high percentage of the time but not much on any one trade. The true 'success' of a daytrader is one word, consistency. The battle plan for a day trader is to scalp as quickly as possible a small profit and literally run.
Mark Cook

Ses règles de trading :
  1. Each day I am a creature of habit, going through a daily ritual before the markets open. I outline in detail all three possible scenarios for that day: up, down or sideways. I assign a probability to that scenario and make a written strategy plan.
  2. All day long I record a diary of the trading patterns for that day. This is a ritual I've done for 12 years, and the diaries have been priceless. Recurrent patterns are much more frequent than people realize.
  3. Do not trade the last hour of the day in the S&P futures market.
  4. After two hours of trading, ask yourself, "Do I feel good about my trading today ?"
  5. All cylinders of the engine must be running efficiently. If your phone, quote machine, or any other mechanical function of your daily routine is out of whack, stop trading.
  6. Have complete faith in your indicators. Not taking a trade that is set up using indicators you have developed is calling yourself a liar. The indicator is a product of you telling yourself to do a trade.
  7. Day-trading is a long-term commitment. It takes several years to become a true professional.
Ses conseils aux débutants :
  1. You must make up for those minus $1000 days by making more then $500 some days.
  2. To anyone who aspires to become a day-trader, observe those who are successful. Any information you can procure on the trading philosophies, mechanics and techniques of the professionals is well worth your while...Do not try to clone another individual, because your personality is never exactly the same as his. Observe, learn and test the waters to arrive at the confidence level you will need to achieve consistent success.
  3. My final daily rule means taking every trade and dissecting it. This will provide a roadmap for success by showing you where you have been, which mistakes you can learn from and which situations to avoid.