Mark Weinstein

Weinstein est l'un des Market Wizards interviewés par Schwager dans son premier tome. Son style est technique.

The greatest traders are the ones who are most afraid of the markets. My fear of the markets has forced me to hone my timing with great precision. If my gut feel of market conditions is not right, I don't trade. My timing is a combination of experience and my nervous system. If my nervous system tells me to get out of the position, it is because the market action triggers something in my knowledge and experience that I have seen before.

I also don't lose much on my trades, because I wait for the exact right moment. Most people will not wait for the environment to tip itself off.

Mark Weinstein

Quelques extraits de son interview :

Only then, when there is no chance the cheetah can lose its prey, does it attack. That, to me, is the epitome of professional trading. [...] I just take the mid-range where the momentum is greatest. That, to me, is trading like a sparrow eats.
Mark Weinstein

Ses règles de trading :
  1. Always do your homework.
  2. Don't be arrogant. When you get arrogant, you forsake risk control. The best traders are the most humble.
  3. Understand your limitations. Everyone has limitations - even the best traders.
  4. Be your own person. Think against the herd, as they must lose in time.
  5. Don't trade until an opportunity presents itself.
  6. Your strategy has to be flexible enough to change when the environment changes.
  7. Don't get too complacent once you have made the profits. The toughest thing in the world is holding on to profits.
Ses conseils aux débutants :
  1. You have to learn how to lose; it is more important than learning how to win.
  2. Limit losses quickly.