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Operating since 1968, Newland Tours offers an array of travel tours. Whether you love hiking in exotic locations or want to get the most out of your retirement, Newland Tours has a package for you.

Highlights of Japan

Image: Heian Jingu Shrine, Kyoto Prefecture

Get a taste for Japan's diversity, from the serenity of its shrines to the chaos of urban life. Meet "Fuji-san," Japan's highest mountain at 12,387 feet, visit temples, walk through gardens, and browse in Japan's most elegant shopping districts.

Only $1,199/adult and $899/child USD.

Teens Discover the Mayans

By Ellen Olenska

Newland Tours recently took two dozen students of Bart Township High School to Chichen Itza, Mexico. While on the tour, students saw ancient Mayan ruins and artifacts. They learned the latest on the "mystery of the Mayans."

The Mayans were one of the world's most advanced civilizations when they mysteriously disappeared centuries ago. While archaeologists don't know exactly what happened to the Mayans, evidence points to war as one possible explanation. Bart Township High School students are using the experience as the basis for a series of reports that teams of participants are putting together.