This organization created on the 2nd of February 2001 aims at establishing contact between young artists (painters, photographers, video artists...) and a public which often feel kept away from the speculative enthusiasm of certain art galleries.

We wish to encourage, reveal and allow young talents to expose their works, this via our virtual and accessible galleries sorted by domains and by artists. We also organize collective exhibitions and venues, in galleries, associative premices, bars...

We wish to create a synergy with other organizations, which share our idea of a global creation in perpetual movement. (Collectives, artistic squats,theater and musical organizations...)

Art in'motin has been already involved in 10 exhibition around France. We would like in the future to show our work abroad.

If you are interested. Please contact us. Artistes from the wolrd over are welcome. Send us 10 pictures of your recent work and a short text.. You might be selected.

Contact : onenoise <@> or by phone 00 33 - 6 66 92 58 07