Boulogne-sur-mer, moon 4° Leo 1998

Incurable collector of birth dates, Didier GESLAIN as grown into the richest mine possessed by France since the source from the GAUQUELIN’s has run dry.
He has already carefully gathered about 10 000 birth certificates from the French Public Record Office ; beside he makes real inquiries -what is unusual- through the Archiv. National Office where he finds famous cases. An amount how much precious already for the to-day practitioner who is lacting public cases which he registers for the generation to come.
I have, since 1994, the joy to count Didier among the reporters of the ASTROLOGER. He enriches each quarterly number of this review with more than one hundred actual cases and groups of personnages.
As useful as can be his collector’s qualities, we must not forget the man he is : a cultivated mercurian, easy learner, passionately intellectual, an astrologist of solid formation, well experienced a teacher and a councellor well prized without forgetting  this  « I don’t know » Neptunian that makes him an inestimable friend.

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André Barbault