Cristina Sorensen

Country Denmark
Town Aarhus
Years old 23
Language Danish, English, Norwegian, Swedish
Information Hi:-)
My name is Christina and I'm a 23 year old c.d. from Denmark. Being a girl has always been very natural to me as long back as I can remember which has led me to accept myself as one:-) I have never felt like a boy inside and I have never had any urges to pursue a life as one, so I guess I'm just trying to follow my heart being a c.d.:-)
I have always been rather shy which has made it very difficult for me to obtain true friendships in the real world and that is one of the reasons why I joined this wonderful site; to obtain new relationships:-) I am certain that it'll be much easier for me to open my heart to people here and I am looking so much forward to meeting new and wonderful people.
I am a gentle spirit who loves animals, quiet cosy evenings, nature walks, musicals and making friend:-) Unfortunately I am not the wild crazy partying type who seeks danger and adventure everyday, but none the less I have a very playful personality:-) Although I am kind of shy, I easily get very attached to people when I open my heart to them, which also makes me kind of fragile and insecure about loosing them again.
When it comes to my personality, I always try to keep a happy and positive spirit, because although life may be tough at times, it's still a fun and exciting ride:-) Other than that I always try to keep my heart open for new things and new people.
It might be obvious from my pictures that I really love pretty, colourful and feminine clothes and play dress up with myself:-) I really want my pictures and the clothes I wear to reflect my inner playful spirit and personality, so I hope that you will learn a little about who I am by looking at them:-)
I hope you've learned a little about who I am from this short description:-)
Hugs Christina