Lisa Hartley

Country UK, England
Town Manchester
Years Old 47
Languages Italian, English, French
Informations Hi, thanks for showing an interest and coming to visit me!! Let's start by setting the records straight... I not an inbetweenie, a Tgirl, 3rd Gender or any other label people care to mention!!!... I am simply Lisa Hartley!!! I'm 5'5" tall without heels, a petite build, incredibly feminine with blue eyes!! My look changes according to my mood, I suppose so does my luck...!! I am Italian, considered to be intelligent ( says who??? ) and multi-lingual (Indeed my mouth has other uses )!! You'll find I can keep a conversation interesting at any level and I'm good fun to be with... If I decide to meet with you and allow you through my defences... I shall take you on a journey that will sensually blow your mind !! Suppose I had better mention this now..... My sexual preferences are DISCERNING GENTLEMEN...Sorry but other TGIRLS just don't ring my bell !!!... I do like my men to be masculine, masterful and confident !! Any person that gets to meet me will insist that I'm crazy... well that's not true.. but don't take my word for it .. ask the strange voices I keep hearing in my head!!! I've been out and about as Lisa for around 30 yrs ( Goodness am i getting old??? ), not worried though coz I'm still stunning at 46 ( so others tell me ) and look better n better each younger chix need to learn early on never forget to moisturise!! When I'm out and about for fun I'm happy to socialise anywhere, but I do tend to frequent "straight" clubs and restaurants with my large circle of mixed friends... soon sort out any unhealthy attitudes in those places .. Don't hide yourselves girls !! Anywayz that's me happy and carefree, go where I like, when I like, how I like...after all you only live twice !!! I was once told in Amsterdam "Some of the most incredible women are MEN" !! Take care Lisa Hartley xx