The Mystery of Marie Roget
The Mystery of Marie Roget
first published in Snowden's Ladie's Companion,

New York, November 1842, December 1842,

February 1843.

On line: original text in English

& its French translation by Charles Baudelaire.

"The Mystery of Marie Roget" fictionalizes the mysterious death of Mary Cecilia Rogers whose body was found in the Hudson river in the vicinity of New York.

Poe  follows closely the true story, but transfers the scene into Parisian setting with Dupin as detective. "The Mystery of Marie Roget" is the first piece of armchair detection, the prototype for all stories where the detective solves a crime simply by analysing and deduction from the material he is presented: controversial newspaper cuttings (which are quite similar to the original New York newspaper articles).
Supposed portrait of Mary Cecilia Rogers.
Daguerreotype, U.S.A., 1840's.