Manoir de Coat Gueno

Historical Background

Coat Gueno
The Côte d'Armor's registers mention Coat Gueno as early as the 15th century and give the names of the families who lived here. In 1602, a sale's act exists concerning the "Noble manoir et métairies"to the benefit of Jean d'Acigné lord of La Roche Jagu. 


An undated sketch shows that the main house's turret, led to two buildings one of these having since disappeared. The small house (Ty Bihan) and the "creche" or pig house are on the other hand still here. A sales act of 1744 informs us that the farm included a main house, a ruin (the small house Ty Bihan with it's since rebuilt facade), a pig house, an oven house, a barn and a court-yard.

Coat Gueno

The buildings in 1976 sketch by Noémie Koechlin

Coat Gueno's remaining buildings were sold in 1976 after the death of the last farm owner, Eugene Person. The restoration and indoor conversions of the main building and Ty Bihan took close to 25 years.

Coat Gueno

We owe to the "Compagnons Charpentiers Armoricains" the restoration of the manor house, in particular the roof and doors and to Jean Lamour and Yves Robin, masons, the stone work. The pig house is yet to be finished and the old stable is still as it used to be.

The manor house in 1977 drawing by Cécile Gagnon


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