KGS, some of its treasures

You will find in this section :



- life and death problems that blabla and very blabla though bla,
- quotes from players : sometimes unvoluntar humour, sometimes deep thinking, even also blabla,
- some very beautiful moves maybe not as marvellous than the ear-redening Shusaku one but blabla
- and finally several screen-shots, funny or magical moments.

Don't miss ZeroKun's story :

how his life has been changed after he saw his uncle cooking oignons and tomatoes on a grid.

Falling into a deep sleep, ZeroKun dreamed about a game his grandfather played with Sitting Bull ...

see follow-up

Participation :

You can also upload your own discoveries, first you need to blablabla and then blabla.
For further explanations read blabla
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