Which status for the volunteer ?

A conference was organized in Paris, at the Luxembourg Palace, in july 1998, to discuss upon this issue ; the conclusions have been published.




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Why do volunteers exist ?
For the sceptic, a volunteer may be incompetent and even dishonest (Philippe Malaurie) ; a volunteer may be clumsy (Anne Marchand) ; a volunteer may also compete with paid staff (Jean Savatier) ;
For the disillusioned, volunteerring is an easy way for the Government to save money (Michèle-Laure Rassat) ; when the volunteer is getting skilled , he/she may become a second -class paid staff (Hugues Portelli);
For the enthusiastic, the volunteer plays a major role in society ; he/she supports the oustsiders (poor, homeless, sick or handicapped people) ; he contributes to the International humanitarian support . 
Is a status conceivable for the volunteer ? There is no legal framework for the volunteer, but some dispatched refererences in several texts. A status would lead to a better recognition (Christophe Borgel et Hugues Portelli) ; a training for volunteers (Jean Bastide and Jean-Pierre Sueur); a much higher involvement of paid staff in volunteering especially with the increase in free time (Dominique Delpirou); a minimum protection for volunteers concerning abuse in repayment of back taxes (Brigitte Clavagnier) and concerning the penal responsibility (Jean-Pierre Balligand).

Préface : Renaut de Montauban, figure tutélaire du volontariat ? par Eve-Marie Halba
Première partie : Une approche juridique
Bénévolat et volontariat, un état des lieux
Bénédicte Halba, Philippe Malaurie, Anne Marchand, Michèle-Laure Rassat et Hugues PortelliBénévolat/volontariat et salariat, les limites de l'activité bénévole
Jean Savatier, Dominique Delpirou et Catherine Mundubeltz, Brigitte Clavagnier, Gérard Couturier
Deuxième partie : les statuts existants et les projets de réforme
Les mesures en faveur du bénévolat/volontariat
Bénédicte Halba, Patrick Duong
Pour ou contre un statut du bénévole/volontaire ?
Jean Bastide, Christophe Borgel, Jacques Lecugy
Quel cadre pour le bénévolat/volontariat ?
Cécile Sportis, Joël Balavoine, Raymond Caire
Interventions de Jean-Pierre Sueur, Jean-Pierre Balligand, Bernard Seillier.

List of the participants 
Joël Balavoine, Director, Ministry for Youth and Sports
Jean-Pierre Balligand, Deputy, Mayor of Vervins
Christophe Borgel, President of the Association of the Studients for refunding the city
Jean Bastide, President of the National Council for Associative Life
Raymond Caire, General superintendent , Ministry for Employment and Solidarity
Brigitte Clavagnier, Lawyer and Editor, Editions Juris associations
Gérard Couturier, Professor of Law , University of Paris II
Dominique Delpirou, Head of the National Law Service at Electricité de France
Patrick Duong, Director, CCIVS
Bénédicte Halba, President, IRIV
Eve-Marie Halba, Secretary general, IRIV
Jacques Lecugy, President, CLONG-volontariat
Philippe Malaurie, Professor of Law, University of Paris II
Anne Marchand, jurist and editor, Editions Lamy
Hugues Portelli, Professor of Political Science, University of Paris II
Michèle-Laure Rassat, Professor of Law, University of Paris XII
Jean Savatier, Professor dof Law, University of Poitiers
Bernard Seillier, Senator Mayor of Séverac le Château
Cécile Sportis, Councillor, Ministry of Coopération and French speaking communities
Jean-Pierre Sueur, Former Minister, Mayor of Orléans.

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