all of them in their twenties

Jean Paul Cauchi
A student in History.
He created and animated "COMBAT-ETUDIANT"
He was a member of the "Mithridate" and "Navarre" networks
Arrested in Paris on April 4, 1944
He was deported in Buchenwald, and shot dead by the Germans on April 18. 1945 

François Marzol
A Law student, member of the ORA network
Arrested on September 21, 1943
Sentenced to death for alleged spying
Shot on May 10, 1944
A graffiti was found on the walls of the prison cell he shared with Lieutenant-Colonel Jacques Boutet, the ORA Region Chief  : "Happy to have served France", with their two signatures.

Henri Weillbacher
Member of the ORA
Secretary of the Intendant of Police force.
Arrested on October 16, 1943
Sentenced to death for alleged spying
Shot on March 25, 1944.

Alfred Klein
Student in Literature and schoolteacher in Chamalières
Member of "Burning"
Arrested with Aulnat
Sentenced to death for alleged spying
Shot on March 24, 1944.
He wrote, in a letter to the schoolmaster:
"I will be shot at 6 am. I wish my memory will live in the school. Give my pupils my last farewell and tell them to work well and become men of character and good Frenchmen. Good-bye, friends, I die with a quiet mind and with the certainty that Justice will come. Long life to our  beautiful France".

Andre Elbogen and Madeleine Elbogen, born Klein
Both students in Sciences.
They had married a few months before. On their wedding day they laughingly said they were so poor they could not buy wedding rings from a jeweller's, so golden curtain rings would do.
Andre was arrested in Saint-Etienne and shot.
Madeleine was arrested on November 25, 1943 during the Raid, sent off to Auschwitz, disappeared.

Emile and Yvonne Baudry
They were brother and sister.
Emile studied Medecine and Yvonne Literature.
Both were fair, pink, good humoured, geared to jokes.
Both were members of the ORA network.
They were arrested  together in Clermont-Ferrand, while broadcasting a clandestine message on the radio.
Emile was sent to a concentration camp and didn't come back.
Yvonne died in Bergen Belsen on May 15, 1945.

Léon Greilshammer
He studied the Law
He had plump cheeks and a curly hair. He said of himself : "I have the face of a child on the body of an athlete".
Member of COMBAT-ETUDIANT. He took part in the manufacturing of forged identity papers.
Arrested on June 25, 1943 during the raid of Gallia.
Deported to with Auschwitz, he was reported missing.

Jacques Feuerstein, said Faillot.
He studied the Law
Small, curly, with thick glasses, smiling, never tired, he rebounced like a ball.
Member of Combat-Etudiant and Cauchi's assistant, he did a major   work notably in the  manufacturing of forged identity papers.
Arrested  in Lyon in 1943.
Deported to Auschwitz then Grossrosen, he didn't come back.


Paul Collomp
He was a teacher in the Faculty of Letters.
Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur and Military Cross 14-18
Shot down on November 25, 1943 during the Raid, while trying to prevent Mathieu and his assistants from intruding into the Secretariat of the University.

Professor Fred Vles
A teacher in the Faculty of Medicine and Biological Physics.
He escaped the raid in the Hotel-Dieu hospital on March 8, 1944.
A voluntary hostage on March 10, 1944, as to avoid others any reprisals.
He died of exhaustion on July 2, 1945 during the last railway "death convoy"  from Compiegne (near Paris) to Dachau.

Professor Claude Thomas
A teacher in Faculty of Law.
Large, elegant, fragile of health, he would tell us on "Practical Work": "I am called Thomas and I want prooves"
Arrested on March 8, 1944, following the rue Montlosier affair.
Sent to Buchenwald, in the very rough Ellrich commando, which  work   assembled parts in the Gilded factory which made theV2s.
He died in Dora.


Bhimo Jodjana
The only thing we know, he was Indonesian, in the preparatory year of medicine.
He was arrested on November 25, 1943, during the Raid
He was sent to Buchenwald, where he died.

and  many Others
They do not deserve to fall into oblition.
They must remain in the collective memory of the Nation.

Commemorative plate located in the hall of the University of Strasbourg
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