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Who created and animated Combat Etudiant

He was also a member of the Mithridate and Navarre Resistance groups.
He was shot by the Germans on  April 18, 1945
during his transfer from the camp of Buchenwald
as the American troops approached

He was posthumously made a Captain
and awarded the Military Cross with palms
and the  Légion d'honneur

His liaison officer Jacqueline Bromberger wrote the present testimony as a complement
to  the Chronicle of Clermont-Ferrand under the Occupation, described in the film "Sorrow and Pity",
where the involvement of the Strasbourg University was grossly ignored

First published in 1993 with the support of
Delegation à la mémoire et à l'information historique du Ministère des Anciens  combatants et victimes de guerre
37, rue de Bellechasse 75007 Paris

The Jury of the Literary Price of Resistance joined together on October 6 1993 with in the chair Mr. Maurice Schumann with decreeḏ unanimity a special mention to this file testimony.

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