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Location: Chiesa dell'Addolorta (adiacente Complesso di Santa Sofia) - Piazza Abate Conforti, SALERNO, ITALIA
* domenica 6 maggio 2007 (Claudio Sinatti, Olivier Lamm, Andrea Di Cesare)
ore 23.00

MUTEK 8th Edition, Montreal, Canada "Nocturne 1" Evening
Société des Arts Technologiques
1195 Bd. St Laurent

New release:

Labranisch (Domotic/Davide Balula/O.Lamm) "Confort EP" 12" - Smashing Bootsy Concrete Music vs. Pipe Operetta

Order it here: http://lappareil.free.fr/confort-ep.html

In the works, "Exagggerations", Album N°4


O.Lamm vs. dDamage 12" - Yet untitled (W Recs) - September 07
O.Lamm vs. Digiki "Cease & Desist - Just A Feeling Mix by O.Lamm" (May 07)
Production work for Kumi Solo's first album.

Monolith reviews

3 new videos by Mumbleboy, Ian Lynam and Kumi Okamoto

discography so far


"Monolith" is still available on Active Suspension in Europe + Japan and Audiodregs in the US, downloadable on most digital dealers (itunes, bleep, you name it). Get it while you can!


An exclusive track called "Echarpe & bonnet" can be heard on Cagesan's first I Love Machine album, just released on Beau Brun, and my Halcali mash-up released on Ukraine based Quasipop label, called "A Pistol for Yuka and Haruki" is still available here. I contributed a tailpiece to Ryuichi Sakamoto's Chain-Music project that you can hear on his website and on my myspace page.

To buy the records and learn about myself go to active suspension and to the as corpus shop, or audiodregs shop. For details about my other sonic activities, go to shobus.blogspot.com, section amour or l.a. branisch.

For details about anything else the place to go is my player_piano weblog where most things happen.

For details about my consumer's life go there.

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