currently enjoying.

Winter 06

Thomas Pynchon "Against The Day"(Penguin Press)
Brian Evenson "The Open Curtain"(Coffee House Press)
Arno Schmidt "Rose & Poireau" (Maurice Nadeau)
Christopher Sorrentino "Trance" (Vintage)
(reading territory)

Morgan Geist "The Driving Memoirs" (Clear/Environ)
Various Artists "Unclassics" (Environ)
Kahimi Karie "Nunki" (Victor)
Villalobos "Fizheuer Zieheuer"
Æthenor "
Deep in Ocean Sunk the Lamp of Light" (VHF)
Hella "There's No 666 in Outer Space" (Ipecac)
Chico Buarque "Construção" (Universal)
Cornelius "Sensuous" (Warner Japan)
(listening territory)

Fall 06

Donald Antrim "The Verificationist" (Vintage)
Dennis Cooper "Guide" (Serpent's Tail)
Richard Powers "The Gold Bug Variations" (Harper's)
Mark Z. Danielewski "Only Revolutions" (Pantheon)
TC Boyle "World's End" (Bloomsbury)
(reading territory)

Novos Baianos "FC" (Continental)
Os Mutantes "A Divina Comédia ou Ando Meio Desligado" (Polydor)
The Mars Volta "Amputechture" (Universal)
Perfume "Complete Best" (Tokuma)
Made Out of Babies "Coward" (Neurot)
Boris & Sunn O))) "Altar" (Southern Lord)
The Melvins "(a) Senile Animal)" (Ipecac)
Cornelius "Music" (Warner)
Xiu Xiu "The Air Force" (Kill Rock Stars)
The Residents "Meet the Residents" (Ralph)
(listening territory)

Spring/Summer 06

Arno Schmidt "Goethe et un de ses admirateurs" (Tristram)
Arno Schmidt "Roses & Poireau" (Maurice Nadeau)
William T.Vollmann "The Atlas" (Penguin)
Joseph McElroy "A Smuggler's Bible" (Tusk)
Robert Coover "Origin of the Brunists" (Grove Press)
Samuel R. Delaney "Dhalgren" (Vintage)
(reading territory)

Edu Lobo "Edu" (Philips)
Edu Lobo "Missa Breve"(EMI)
Edu Lobo "CAMALEÃO" ( Polygram)
Nara Leão "O Canto Livro de Nara" (Philips)
Nara Leão "Nara Pede Passagem" (Philips)
Om "Conference of the Birds" (Holy Mountain)
Stevie Wonder "Innervisions" (Tamla)
Haruomi Hosono & Yokoo Tadanori "Cochin Moon" (Kings)
Black Sabbath "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" (WB)
Mr Oizo "Nazis" (F-Com)
Para One "Epiphanie" (Institubes)
Comets on Fire "Avatar" (Sub Pop)
Joe Farrell "Outback" (CTI)
France Copland "The Great French Institution Swindle" (Omerta Registrazione)
Aoki Takamasa "Parabolica" (op.Disc)
Elis Regina "Como & Porque" (Philips)
Small Faces "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake" (ABKCO)
Boredoms "Super Roots 3" (WB)
Pita "Get Off" (Hapna)
(listening territory)

february 06

caetano veloso "s/t (1968)", "s/t (1969)", "transa", "araça azul", "joia", "qualquer coisa" (philips)
novos baianos "acabou chorare" (s.l.)
gal costa "gal costa (1968)", "gal costa (1969)","india", "fa-tal/gal a todo vapor" (philips)
nara leao "nara (1964)", "nara (1967)" (elenco/él)
gilberto gil "s/t (1968)", "s/t (1969)" (mercury)
(listening territory)

arno schmidt "coeur de pierre" (tristram), "la république des savants" (christian bourgois)
richard powers "prisoner's dilemma" (harpers perennial)
(reading territory)

january 06

afrirampo "self-titled" (tape, self-released)
kraftwerk "computer world" (kling klang)
hella "confrontation:face" (5 rue christine)
acid mothers temple & the the melting paraiso UFO/afrirampo "minstrel in the galaxy" (riot season)
his name is alive "detrola" (silver mountain)
nika soup & saya source "ipiya" (ontonson)
morton feldman "string quartet II" (ives ensemble - hat hut)
flaming lips "clouds taste metallic" (WB)
prince "black album", "around the world in a day", "dirty mind", "1999", "controversy"(WB)
(listening territory)

richard powers "prisoner's dilemma" (perennial)
rick moody "the diviners" (f&f)
william t.vollmann "fathers & crows" (penguin)
kawabata yasunari "pays de neige", "nuées d'oiseaux blancs" (NRF)

(reading territory)


december 05

raymond roussel "locus solus" (l'imaginaire)
russel banks "cloudsplitter" (harper's perennial)
ben marcus "the age of wire and string" (dalkey archives)
david markson "wittgenstein's mistress" (dalkey archives)
murakami haruki "norway no mori" (seuil)
rick moody "purple america" (l,b&c)

(reading territory)

sly and the family stone "stand!" (epic)
g.gil/c.veloso/g.costa/os mutanteds/.duprat "tropicalia" (polygram)
boris "pink" (diwphalanx)
boris & merzbow "sunbaked snow cave" (hydrahead)
macdonald duck eclair "the genesis songbook" (usagi-chang)
ooioo "feather float", "gold and green" (birdman, thrill jockey)
boredoms "super roots 7", "super roots 3", "super roots 8", "rebore Vol.0", "rebore vol.2"
halcali "maachingu machi EP" (for life)
tenniscoats "ending theme" (noble)
(listening territory)

november 05

denis johnson "already dead (a californian gothic)" (picador)
george saunders "pastoralia" (bloomsbury)
ben marcus "notable american women" (vintage)
harold jaffe "mole's pity" (fiction collective)
lydia johnson "samuel johnson is indignant" (picador)

(reading territory)

t-rex "the slider/rabbit fighter", "electric warrior" (rhino)
edith frost "it's a game" (drag city)
jackson "smash" (warp)
architecture in helsinki "in case we die"(bar/none)
deerhoof "the runners four" (kill rock stars)
tokyo jihen "shuraba" (toshiba)
asva "futurists against the ocean" (mimickry)
the microphones "the glow pt.2", "mount eerie" (k)
capsule "LDK lounge designer killer" (contemode)
(listening territory)

"the monolith"
"unicorn without a horn"
"people eat space with their bodies"
(possible titles territory)

october 05

jerome charyn "the tar baby" (dalkey archives)
bret easton ellis "lunar park" (picador)
dave eggers "how we are hungry" (penguin)
kathy acker "empire of the senseless" (grove weidenfeld)
(reading territory)

miss wonda "wonderful tangent" (usagi-chang)
bob dylan "no direction home - bootleg series vol.7" (columbia)
betty davis "betty davis" (mpc)
prince "around the world in a day", "dirty mind" (paisley park)
baxter dury "floorshow" (rough trade)
capsule "SF sound furniture", "cutie cinema replay" (contemode)
sunn o))) "black one" (southern lord)
(listening territory)

(possible title territory)

september 05

don delillo "mao II" (jonathan cape)
vladimir nabokov "ada or ardour" (library of america)
david foster wallace "oblivion" (abacus)
henry james "the bostonians" (penguin)
(reading territory)

prince "sign o'the times", "controversy", "lovesexy" (paisley park)
cristian vogel "station55" (novamute)
sheena ringo "shouso strip" (toshiba)
halcali "ongaku no susume", "bacon" (for life)
hypo & edh "the correct use of pets" (demo)
eel "little prince" (usagi-chang)
capsule "nexus 2060" (contemode)
broadcast "tender buttons" (warp)
conceal "baptized troopers" (brain escape sandwich)
makiko toba "maki's petits petits morceaux" (demo)
(listening territory)

summer 05

stanley elkin "the macguffin" (penguin)
guy davenport "tatlin!" (johns hopkins)
harold jaffe "mourning crazy horse" (fiction collective)
albert mudrian "the improbable history of death metal and grindcore" (feral house)
william h. gass "the tunnel" (dalkey archives)
jonathan safran foer "extremely lound and incredibly close" (hamish&hamilton)
(reading territory)

afrirampo "urusa in japan" (ki/oon)
sleater kinney "the woods" (sub pop)
soilent green "confrontation" (relapse)
entombed "sons of satan praise the lord" (music for nations)
fanny pack "see you next tuesday" (tommy boy)
shiina ringo "karuki zaamen kurino hana" (emi)
regina spektor "demos"(i heart regina)
v/a "street anthems vol.1" (bossman)
v/a "grime 04" and "grime05" compilations (woebot)
hazel nuts chocolate "bewitched!"(trolly bus)
(listening territory)

force ten shitstorm
are you st christopher's next slaying?
a full skirt covers a multitude of sins
return of the night goat
electric emily
the book of generators
the ordeal
oxygen cookies
(possible titles territory)