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Do you know that you can transform your ugly PC into a wonderful ORIC ? Do you know that you can play with the games which made you crazy in 1983-1986 ? I began my career of developer with this fabulous little machine, for which I still have a special attachment...

You can download from this page my games and tools. You can also glance at the 2Lines, the more lives and tips & tricks too.

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That I made...

  • Mille bornes (10 Ko) screen screen
    My best game ! Would you play against Oric at Mile bones ? See some players comments.
  • Othello (7 Ko) screen
    My first game. Available for only 2 (human) players...

That I copied from revues

  • Schtroumpfs (4 Ko) screen : little arcade game for kids between 5 and 8 years old. Micro7 - "Cahier des As" (12/1984).
  • Poule (6 Ko) screen : recognition of colors for 3-6 years old. Théoric no 16 p 47.
  • Drapeaux (6 Ko) screen : game in which you have to recognize flags of several countries... Jean-Pierre Suau (1984).
  • Pilote (10 Ko) screen : cars race. Frédéric Ciesielski.
  • Toutou (3 Ko) screen : skill game. Micr'oric no 7 p 58.
  • Mille pattes (2 Ko) screen : immortal arcade game. Micr'oric no 3 p 38.

That you can download from The Oric Page ! (legal downloads only).


Title Topic Source / Author
10 tris (3 Ko) screen 10 sort algoritms Marc Goldstein
Arnak (2 Ko) Music of "The entertainment"
Basic + code (71CF-97FF)
Adapted by Marc Goldstein
Bin-Data Binary-Data converter
Manuel de référence (André Chénière)
Tome 2 p 42
Bytes screen Display the number of bytes free Théoric no 15 p 24
DEN D(el) - E(dit) - N(um)
Manuel de référence (André Chénière)
Tome 1 p 147
Dumpvar List of variables with their values (9800-98E2)
To use the program : CALL #9800
To print results : POKE #2F1,128:CALL#9800
l'Ordinateur Individuel no 76 p 201 (12/1985)
Fenêtres (2 Ko) Windows by Oric... Théoric no 13, 14 et 15
Mon+Elm (3 Ko) Relocatable monitor + machine code editor
Mon : (8A00-91FF), Elm : (9200-97FF)
Manuel de référence (André Chénière)
Tome 2 p 3 à 86
Renum Syntax : ! P(as), O(rigine), D(ébut), ou F(in)
Micr'oric no 7 p 13
Reset0-2 Initialization of pages no 0, 1 and 2 Micr'oric no 9 p 56
Scat S(auvegarde) C(hargement) A(rrêt) T(itre)
Théoric no 5 p 28
Scroll Lateral scrolling (for Text and Hires screens)
Syntax : !SCROLL d x, y, z
where :
d = L(eft) or R(ight)
x = first line to scroll : 0 (top) to 27 (bottom)
y = number of lines to scroll
z = number of scrollings
Théoric no 14 p 40
Using Print using
Listing ATMOS :
10 DOKE #2FC, #B800
20 POKE 0,2
30 FOR I=1 TO 20
40 PRINT &(I*SQR(I))
Micr'oric no 9 p 23
W-Cody Putting machine code in REM Soft & Micro p 134 (12/1984)


I'm so happy to give you my programs in 2 lines...


More lives...

I give those codes as is because I have not yet tested them...


Tips & tricks and miscellaneous...

Do you want to laugh ? So, look at what I found in my (secret) programming book of those years :

About FRE...
"When power is switched on, the subroutine which displays the number of free bytes (CALL #ED62) performs DEEK(#A6)-DEEK(#9A), which means MEMSIZ-TXTTAB, and returns 2 more bytes than the FRE(0) command which does DEEK(#A2)-DEEK(#A0), in fact FRETOP-STREND (dump of the ROM starting at #D47E...)."

and this one :
"We noted that in the ORIC, the < operation was about 1,3 times faster than the > or = operations." (Théoric no 7 p 22)

Astonishing, is'nt it ?
Oric, like Love, can't survive without passionate people.

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