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Already sorted !

During more than 7 years of intensive netsurfing, I have found many helpful sites. Here there are :

Web Searchers

  • Alta Vista, according to DEC, it's the top of the tops...
  • All the Web, very FAST Search : All the Web, All the Time.
  • Dogpile, one searcher using (almost) all the others.
  • Excite, also allows search in Newsgroups. Each site is followed by a little comment.
  • HotBot, the WIRED Search Center.
  • Lycos, Inc. Home Page
  • WebCrawler, the result is a list of URLs sorted out by decreasing number of occurrences found.
  • Yahoo! one of the most popular.
  • Internet Movie Database, you are looking for a film, an actor ? So, search the Internet Movie database.
  • Lycos, sober but efficient !

French Searchers

  • Google, returns accurate results. My favourite for the moment.
  • Ixquick, the world's most powerful metasearch engine.
  • Voilà (fr), the « référence » in France.

Registration sites

Files & tools searchers

Windows :
  • New! AVG AntiVirus, As InoculateIT is now paying since the 15th of May 2002, I've chosen this free antivirus software.
  • MailWasher, a powerful email checker (freeware !) with effective spam elimination...
  • Download Accelerator FREE, 300% faster and... it works !
  •, download skins for IE5 !
  • InfiniSource, Windows 95/98 support page.
  • Rambooster, monitors and frees random access memory.
  • Stat'n'Perf, this freeware monitors your internet connection and displays informations about sent and received bytes.
  • TestCPU, detects about 60 processor types and displays picture of cpu.
  • ZoneAlarm, a dynamic firewall with total control over applications' Internet use.

Themes, screen saver, wallpapers :
Magazines :

Employment sites







Arz Nevez, the marriage of Celtic tradition and classical music.


Allows listening "en direct" (without downloading) of sound, music, radio...
  •, live and on-demand audio, video and animation on the Internet.
  • COMFM (fr), live radio, live TV, Webcams.
  • KKSF, 103.7 - Smooth Jazz from San Francisco... my favourite radio !
  • Radio France Internationale, France Info flashes. A must!
  • Timecast, to see or listen to something else...

Sound files


Understand everything

If you are looking for a document about the Net, I wrote one in French available in the Download section...




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