Montefegatesi - In the heart of the wildest Tuscany
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Montefegatesi (850 m A.S.L.) is an ancient medieval village, once populated by the Ligurian-Apuan people.

It is built onto a strong rock and situated in the middle of a natural dell formed by the tosco-emilian apennines and the apuan alps, the tirreno sea an some of the islands of tuscan archipelago can be seen when the weather is fine.

Because of it geographical conformation an thanks to its exposure to sunlight and to the winds blowing from the sea, Montefegatesi has always been a very popular health resort, particulary suitable for children, old poeple and for every body stressed by the rythm of modern life. Its closeness to Bagni di Lucca, with its SPAS, makes this small village even more attractive.

The natural canyon Orrido di Botri ant its surrondings have recently become a national natural park, a protected natural oasis, therefore Montefegatesi can be considered the entrance to these wonderful place, visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Many paths lead to the woods once populated by sheperds and foresters, woods of chestnut trees, beeches and oars above which flies the imposing Royal Eagle.

Everyone who is interested in the history of the village, can go and see the monuments of many famous people, related in some ways to Montefegatesi.

The monument of Dante

Every commodity can be supplied whith since the village has itsown shops, bars, post office, medical consulting room and bus service.

Many people currently spear english and french, therefore tourists from abroad find no difficulties in staying there, even because the inhabitants are really friendly and hospitable.