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The ordalie was the judgement of God, but... it did not comply with the rule of the collegial structure!



The S.C.P. "Ricard, Page & Demeure" is born from the fusion in May 1993 of the offices of Michel Ricard and of Roger Page, Sylvain Demeure having been associated at this occasion.

Following the departure of Roger Page, it took for denomination "Ricard, Demeure & Associes". Its capital is of 45.000 ¤ and its siege social east locates in Paris, 5 rue du Renard.

Developpant within the Bar of Paris the speciality of right of town planning created by its founder, it naturally has oriented its activity towards the consulting, the assembly and the audit of operations, including conventions of installation or delegation of public utility, and the administrative, tax, civilian and penal dispute in areas of the right of town planning, environment and expropriation.

The businesses not entering its branch of industry are redirect on a network of correspondents specialises in the fields concern.

For more than 20 years, the uniformite of the services and working methods has been assuree with an office automation at the point of progress (realise and control program conceveid by Michel Ricard, bases personal jurisprudence, Intranet and extranet sites, videoconference, etc...).

This organization a long time little repandue in lawyers has been a response to the needs for customers which seek initially a close adviser and have her ecoute, but also laying out, of the organization and information necessary to ensure with the maximum of speed and of security defense and the consulting in a complex field or the decentralisation do not have always ete accompagnee transfers of competences necessary to answer the new responsibilities.

5, rue du Renard
75004 - Paris
Tel.: 01-42-74-53-66
Fax : 01-40-29-06-11
E-mail : mricard@noos.fr
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