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Concert in Prato (Italy), December 1st, 1999

Medium-to-good sound recording.

01. Out of Breath [4:57] 4.5 Mb n/a
02. Royalsucker [2:55] 2.7 Mb n/a
03. White Star Line [5:43] 5.2 Mb n/a
04. She's so disco ("acoustic" version) [3:07] 2.9 Mb n/a
05. Pop Song [2:53] 2.6 Mb n/a
06. Ballroom [4:37] 4.2 Mb n/a
07. Dizzy [2:58] 2.7 Mb n/a
08. Trailer Home Story [4:32] 4.2 Mb n/a
09. Perfect Lover [4:35] 4.2 Mb n/a

For those of you who (still) wonder why there are forty seconds without music during Royalsucker (around 1:40), it's because the four performers of Venus stand rock-still, like manikins, during this break. It might seem strange, but it fits perfectly the song on stage...

Concert in Montpellier (France), February 17th, 2000

Good sound recording.
Recorded by Sam. Visit his great music site, with a few nice Venus pictures from the concert ! Many thanks to you, pal.

01. Out of Breath [6:29] 7.4 Mb download
02. Beyond Time [4:21] 5.0 Mb download
03. Royalsucker [2:45] 3.1 Mb download
04. White Star Line [5:39] 6.5 Mb download
05. Dont' say you need love [4:14] 4.9 Mb download
06. Pop Song [2:56] 3.4 Mb download
07. Ballroom [3:52] 4.4 Mb download
08. Dizzy [2:33] 2.9 Mb download
09. Monster [4:34] 5.2 Mb download
10. She's so disco [3:46] 4.3 Mb download
11. Perfect Lover [4:42] 5.4 Mb download
12. Trailer Home Story [4:42] 5.4 Mb download
13. Germano's Voice [3:56] 4.5 Mb download
14. In the Port of Amsterdam [5:56] 6.8 Mb download
15. In a long moan [4:49] 5.5 Mb download
16. July [1:38] 1.9 Mb download
17. She's so disco (alternative version) [4:09] 4.8 Mb download

All Apologies
Listen to a cover of Nirvana's All Apologies, recorded live the 10th of december 2000 during a private concert in the Halles von Schaerbeek (around Brussels), with the same Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles with whom Venus recorded The man who was already dead in September 26th.

All Apologies 3.5 Mb (.zip) download

I don't think that the members of the Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles actually play on this particular track. Anyway, as far as we know, this concert was the last public appearance of Venus before their current "holidays".
[Many thanks to Kevin]

Interview à Nulle Part Ailleurs, 29 Octobre 1999 (French)
Une interview de Marc à la télévision française pour la promotion de Welcome...
[Mille mercis à Simon, as usual...]

Interview NPA 29.10.1999 8.3 Mb (.zip) download
Little Hotel  

Little Hotel
Provenant du site du Théâtre Royal de Namur, co-producteur de la tournée 2004 de Little Hotel, deux fichiers. Le premier est une annonce (radio ?) par Marc Huyghens pour la première du spectacle, le second un extrait du morceau Blown by the wind, joué seul à la guitare par Marc.

Annonce Little Hotel 400 Ko download
Extrait "Blown by the wind" 1.92 Mo download
Outside Out of Breath  

Out of Breath (live Eurockéennes 2000)
L'oreille webzine features a streaming audio of the song Out of Breath, performed live during the French festival Les Eurockéennes 2000. Enjoy it HERE !

Session for VPro radio (2000)
On the website of 3voor12, a section of the VPro dutch radio, you can hear the session recorded and broadcasted by this radio : listen to it HERE. (in case the link is broken, type Venus on the Search box)
[many thanks to judit]

Session for Ouï FM (1999)
Venus played two songs during this session for the parisian radio Ouï FM. The recording of She's so disco has been included in the Pop Song EP, while the other song : Don't say you need love is available at the radio's website HERE.
[many thanks to 'johnnie']

Audio :
Solidays Festival, Paris (France), July 8th, 2000

Gathered on the Internet back then. Small Real files (you'll need the player).
Poor quality. Hope you've got good eyes.

Ballroom [1:59]

316 Kb

She's so disco [2:05]331 Kbdownload
She's so disco ("acoustic" - cut !) [1:12]193 Kbdownload
The man who was already dead, Cirque Royal, Brussels, Sept. 26, 2000

Seven minutes of grace. This is a small part of the unique show played by Venus and the Ensemble Musique Nouvelle where all songs were reorchestrated by Renaud Lhoest. This is the same version as on the record.
Real file (you'll need the player). Medium quality but very small window.

I'm the Ocean [7:05]

1.8 Mb

You won't tell me, I know it's hard
To keep your dream alive
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