Don't say you need love (I know you do) Radio promo sampler

Not for Sale
« Released in Belgium by 62 TV records under exclusive license from Sonica, Italy
Available through Bang! Distribution»

Released in : late 2000
Produced by : Venus

Don't say you need love
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1. Don't say you need love (I know you do)

All tracks composed by : Marc Huyghens - Christian Schreurs - Walter Janssens - Thomas Van Cottom
Lyrics by : Marc Huyghens

Production details on Welcome to the modern dancehall (LP).


- This CD sampler was released in Belgium by 62 TV, Venus' record label in this country, and Bang!, their (sister) distribution company. The song is the same as on the LP.
- Although the "useless" side of the CD is quite normally printed, the "data" side was made by burning the track, and not by regular pressing. Moreover, the CD is inside a CDROM-like white cardboard sleeve, upon which stickers are put (front for the picture and back for the usual details & legal stuff).
- There were only 30 copies of this sampler made (hand-made, it seems), most of which were sent to Belgian radios around the Man who was already dead concert. I know of one person who owns another one... where are the 28 others ?..
(Thanks to Pierre)

You won't tell me, I know it's hard
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