I am the Ocean EP

62 TV 29289
(« Released in Belgium under license from Sonica, with the support of FNAC »)

Released in : 2000
Produced by : Venus

« These pictures were taken from television during the recording of the album »

I am the Ocean EP

1. I Am The Ocean
2. Morning Drive (demo)
3. Germano's Voice #
4. She's So Disco #
5. In Dissolvenza

# Live at "Suoni E Ultrasuoni", RAI

All tracks composed by : Marc Huyghens - Christian Schreurs - Walter Janssens - Thomas Van Cottom, except I Am The Ocean composed by Giorgia Poli
Lyrics by : Marc Huyghens, except She's So Disco (Walter Janssens/Patric Carpentier/Marc Huyghens)

Production details on Welcome to the modern dancehall (LP).


- This third EP for the album has been released in Belgium by 62 TV records, the belgian label of Venus, under exclusive license by Sonica. I don't think you will find it anywhere else in Europe (except at Venus concerts, of course) ; but I saw it in late 2001 at the FNAC Brussels.

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