Pop Song EP/Single

Sonica Factory 72438884510

(distribution EMI Music France)

CD Single

Sonica Factory 72438884282 2
(distribution EMI Music France)

Released in : 2000
Produced by : Venus

« These pictures were taken from television during the recording of the album »

Pop Song EP

EP :
1. Pop Song
2. Trailer Home Story
3. In a Long Moan

4. She's So Disco (Live At Ouï FM)
Bonus Video : She's So Disco

CD Single (front/back) :
1. Pop Song

All tracks composed by Marc Huyghens - Christian Schreurs - Walter Janssens - Thomas Van Cottom
Lyrics by : Marc Huyghens, except She's So Disco (Walter Janssens/Patric Carpentier/Marc Huyghens)

Production details on Welcome to the modern dancehall (LP).


- The second EP released for the album, with two (exceptional !) previously unreleased tracks, an alternative version, softer and "acoustic", of She's so disco (recorded live at Parisian radio station Ouï FM), and the video of this song (directed by Patric Carpentier & Julien Sigalas), a weird story about a psycho illusionist... It's fun to see Thomas snapping fingers so seriously during the bridge.
- The CD single is labeled « Tirage limité - Interdit à la vente » (Limited Edition - Not for sale). One said to me that the FNAC (record stores in France and Belgium) offered this single to its customers. It's probably the explanation.

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