The man who was already dead Vynil Promo

12" Vynil (45T)
Sonica Factory 7243 88985277
(Distribution EMI Music France)
« Promotional Only - Not for Resale »

Released in : late 2000
Produced by : Venus

The man who was already dead - Vynil Promo
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Side A. Perfect Lover
Side B. Mingle with the Night

All tracks composed by : Marc Huyghens - Christian Schreurs - Walter Janssens - Thomas Van Cottom
Lyrics by : Marc Huyghens

Production details on The man who was already dead (LP).


- This is a promotional only 12" Vynil Promo sampler, containing two tracks from the Man who was already dead CD.
- One can regret that there is no one of the songs performed that night but not on the CD, but it's a very nice-looking record. And the sound of the vynil has its charms...
(Thanks to Thomas & Pierre !!!!!)

You won't tell me, I know it's hard
To keep your dream alive
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