Capitol (EMI) 7243 581815 2 4

Released : 3rd march 2003
Produced by : Venus
Mixed by : Gilles Martin and Venus at Studio Farside, Brussels
Engineered by : Duke

"Copy Controlled" : it will play randomly on PCs, Macs, car CD players and so on.


French Limited Edition
Delabel (EMI) 7243 591110 01

Released : Aug. 19th, 2003

A cardboard box (picture to the right) containing a crystal CD case with the regular front cover and two CDs : the Vertigone album and a bonus live EP.

cardboard cover
  1. Happiness
  2. Beautiful Days
  3. Wanda Wultz
  4. Million Miles Away
  5. Sand Dollar
  6. Asia
  7. Daystar
  8. Kallenovsky
  9. Little Hotel
  10. Vertigone
  11. Running At Full Speed
  12. Navajo Dream
  13. Big Waste Ground

Line-up :
Marc A. Huyghens - Vocals, acoustic and slide guitars, mandolin, banjo, electric piano, sylophone, organ, mellotron, synth
Christian Schreurs - Violin, acoustic and electric guitars, organ, noises
Pierre Jacqmin - Double bass
Jean-Marc Butty - Drums, acoustic and electronic percussions

Music by Venus. Words by Marc A. Huyghens.
Recorded at : les Halles de Schaerbeek, le Foyer Culturel de Braine-l'Alleud and Duke's home, Haren. Some tracks recorded by Marc A. Huyghens in Salò and San Diego. Yuko Sugiyama's voice on Wanda Wultz recorded by Phil Beaumont in San Diego. Synth and saw recorded by Black Heart Procession's Pall A. Jenkins in San Diego.
Artwork by : La Firme.

Mastered by : Lionel Nicod at Translab, Paris.


On the first print of the back cover, track 2 "Beautiful Days" has been mislabeled without the final S. It should be fixed by now.
It's written as it should inside the booklet.

Edition Limitée (limited edition) released in France on 19/08/2003 : a nice cardboard cover with the Vertigone design in white, and a free bonus CD with a 4-titles live radio session.

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