Wanda Wultz promo Single


Capitol (EMI) 7243 551944 2 8

Released : february 2003
Produced by : Venus
Mixed by : Gilles Martin and Venus at Studio Farside, Brussels
Engineered by : Duke
Mastered by : Lionel Nicod

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  1. Wanda Wultz

French promotional single released before the Vertigone LP.
The back cover says :

extrait du Nouvel album VERTIGONE
sortie le 25 février 2003

(extracted from the New album VERTIGONE, to be released 25/02/2003)
Eventually, the album was released on march 3rd, a week late.


Wanda Wultz was a moving photographer of the XXth century. Her photographs somehow inspired the lyrics of this song.

You won't tell me, I know it's hard
To keep your dream alive
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