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The Fan's Corner :
Vertigone Press Kit  

Press Kit : FrontFrench press kit designed by La Firme for EMI France (Capitol and Delabel). The pictures have been taken by Robin François and heavily used in various press articles following the release of Vertigone. The press kit is a 278x159 mm glassy carboard booklet containing a biography of the band.

See the Press Kit :
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Various Leaflets

Thid is our collection of tracts from Venus :

> Kiss from the Ghost @ Brussels
> Kiss from the Ghost @ Charleroi
> Concert at the Halles de Schaerbeek, 21/01/2001
> The man who was already dead, 26/09/2001

Welcome to the modern dancehallThe man who was already dead
French leaflets for the releases of Welcome to the modern dancehall and The man who was already dead. Click to see them full-sized.


A series of 6 stickers (all on one page) were printed for the release of Welcome to the modern dancehall. Of course, « these pictures were taken from television during the recording of the album ».

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A single and more sober sticker was made for the release of The man who was already dead. It's a transparent oval :


Press Kits  

Press Kit : FrontThis Press Kit was made for the release of The man who was already dead (the record). It's a 208x208 mm gorgeous cardboard booklet, with a picture of the Cirque Royal's stage that famous night on the front (see picture), an interview of Marc Huyghens (in French) inside, and a label « Sortie le 21 Novembre » ("Out on November 21th" [2000]) plus the same "crashing car" pictures than the CD's sleeve.

See the Press Kit :
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  Rare Records  

Among Venus discography, a few rare records whose possession makes the difference between genuine and wannabe fan (just joking, guys :D) :

> The early demo, featuring initial versions of Royalsucker, The Circle, Monster and Germano's Voice. Not actually released, but having a copy is a challenge.
> The Europa Connection vol. 4 compilation was released by some musical organisation from the center of France. I don't think it has ever been for sale, except at this people's place. It had two live versions of Royalsucker and Germano's Voice, plus two Scisma tracks.
> There are two (almost identical) versions of the Royalsucker EP. You need both.
> The 7" Vynil of She's so Disco. Some find it particularly ugly, but it's still a rare object. Has been sold in edgy record shops though.
> The Pop Song CD Single contains only this songs. It seems like it was made for the FNAC record stores to offer to their customers (so that they can discover Venus, quite a good idea...). It's a limited edition, not for sale object.
> Only 30 copies of the Don't Say You Need Love radio sampler (a burnt CD !) were made by 62 TV records, and for most of them send to... radios. There only is the title track on it, and having one might make you a rich man in a far away future...
> The 12" Promotional Vynil from The Man Who Was Already Dead is a magnificent object featuring the re-orchestrated versions of Perfect Lover and Mingle With The Night (same versions as on the CD). It is Promotional Only - Not for Resale.
> Of course, every fan will have the five EPs, including all the B-sides that are not on the albums. Some of these records are hard to find nowadays.


Poster Welcome to the Modern DancehallThere is a poster I have seen in some places (Paris, Brussels etc...). It is 60x40 cm, landscape oriented.
Click on the thumbnail to see it in a larger size.

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