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Marc A. Huyghens solo at Dour Festival, 14.07.2002
  These pictures were taken by Simonb from exsonvaldes.
During the concert, Marc was accompanied by Jozef Dumoulin on keyboards ; he's the boy with short hairs.
Marc A. Huyghens in Le Soir, 18/12/2002
DJ Manu "On the rocks", 07/06/2000
picture by DJ Manu
picture by DJ Manu
picture by DJ Manu
picture by DJ Manu

Truly gorgeous pictures taken by Manu during a concert in Orléans (F).
A few months earlier, Manu had been the first DJ ever in France to have Venus and play their songs on his radio show "On The Rocks" (still airing every tuesday night 20:30-22:30 on 96.2 FM in the area of Orléans), even before the first LP came out
Congratulations, Mister Manu !

Compact magazine, march 2003
Front cover
Inside picture
Inside picture

Venus on the cover of French magazine "Compact", and a long interview with pictures inside.


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