Germano's Voice
Music by : Marc Huyghens - Christian Schreurs - Walter Janssens - Thomas Van Cottom
Lyrics by : Marc Huyghens

Published by : Peer Music France Publishing
Hello, I'm pleased to meet you, girl
Well I'd like to talk
Your lips are black, your eyes red
And your moves so slow

Hello, it's nice to watch you, girl
Well, I'd like to smoke
This hole is deep, the lights are off
Let's try to get out

I love you 'cos I hate myself
Who said that before?
Germano's voice saying
Do you still feel so cold?

- Two first appearances of this song : on the set of four early demos (1998?) some people possess (a version that is already perfect) and on the compilation Europa Connection vol. 4 (1998) : live but well mixed.
- Germano's Voice appears on the Royalsucker EP (1998).
- A live version, recorded at "Suoni e Ultrasuoni" on the Italian TV station RAI, appears on the I am the Ocean EP (2000).

The aforementioned voice is female singer and violonist Lisa Germano's one, without much doubts.
Although it doesn't appear on any album, this is a very beautiful live song that the band often plays.
You won't tell me, I know it's hard
To keep your dream alive
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