Little Hotel
Music by : Venus
Lyrics by : Marc A. Huyghens

Published by : EMI Publishing 2003


(instrumental track)


- Little Hotel appears in the Vertigone album (2003).
Additional musicians : Jean Prevot - flute, Dan Barbanel - clarinet, Jean-Louis Maton - Timpanies
Marc A. Huyghens to french magazine Magic, feb. 2003 :
« Actually, the first track of Vertigone achieved was Little Hotel, the instrumental one, that I've written just before leaving for the United States. This song brings back much memories to me, because at that time I was still living in Italy. You know, this album is very important on a personal level, I've put lots of myself in it... Well, basically, everyone must tell the same thing, don't they ? (smile) »
You won't tell me, I know it's hard
To keep your dream alive
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