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  Kiss from the Ghost @ l'Eden, Charleroi (Belgium), Oct. 30 & 31, 1998  

At the end of 1998, Venus would perform its show "Kiss From The Ghost" two more times at Charleroi (Belgium).
Here's the leaflet, front and back.

Ticket : KFTG @ Charleroi, 1998

KFTG @ Charleroi, 1998 (back)

English translation

This is not a concert. This is not theatre. "Kiss from the ghost" mixes intimately notes to stage play, for a show whose heroin is the music. A baiser du fantôme ("Kiss from the ghost" in French) that materializes the dreams of the rock band Venus : to serve their compositions on a worthwhile "dish". A very nicely achieved desire, in a hour that feels like a dream...

The stage's lateral walls are decorated with a plastic material that is reminiscent of ice floe. On the background, a screen. On the floor, small synthetic grass rugs. On the foreground, some shoes soon put on by four young healthy lads in clear shirts and dark trousers... A fifth man appears : Patric Carpentier, used to set up the shows of Venus, will be its silent orchestrator for once : the actor quivers, gives impulsions, snorts and wanders in tempo.

A musical success accompanied by a clear and pure aesthetic, like a journey onboard a sober video. Without show off or fancy effects, but joyfully spectacular...

From Laurent Ancion, Le Soir, October 8, 1998.

Many thanks to Pierre & Thomas.
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