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QOO No.95: My audio magnum opus: "Getting To Know Me"


QOO No.94: From the Pop Culture Dead Letter Office V: Day in Court (on THE BIG JEWEL)


QOO No.93: If my ex-fiancée's brother were somehow elected president


QOO No.92: Dear BP


QOO No.91: A World Cup List


QOO No.90: Divine Call


QOO No.89: From the Pop Culture Dead Letter Office IV:
Inspirational Message


QOO No.88: Sports Fan


QOO No.87: A Literal word-for-word translation of the lyrics to "Marie-Jeanne," the French version of "Ode to Billie Joe"


QOO No.86: Various people from my past offer illustrations to help me comprehend the trillion dollar deficit (on The Big Jewel)


QOO No.85: An open letter to the lyrics of the song "Think" from the first Blues Brothers movie


QOO No.84: My Business Plan (on Yankee Pot Roast)


QOO No.83: Famous proverbs as interpreted by my former college roommate


QOO No.82: From the Pop Culture Dead Letter Office, Part Three (on The Big Jewel)


QOO No.81: Tales of Ordinary Greatness (on The Big Jewel)


QOO No.80: Boorish pickup lines inspired by the recession (on Yankee Pot Roast) plus Blog Blabs Nov-Dec 2008 -- Loud guys in the street, Odd name for a toilet, Pet peeves of the exceedingly peevish, Actual store signs, Political rant


QOO No.79: Dow Jones hits 15,000 -- on another planet

QOO No.78: Flying on a wing and a metaphor

QOO No.77: It's not you, Iraq -- It's me (on McSweeney's)

QOO No.76: The Big Jewel AGAIN: Cinematic Emergency Procedures

QOO No.75.5: Small week: Another honorable mention on Demockeracy

QOO No.75: Big week: "News Items I Expected to See When I Was Eight 
Years Old" on The Big Jewel and Demockeracy

QOO No.74: Introducing "Demockeracy"

QOO No.73: Special Oddball Audio Issue: The Quorum of One Ring Tone and Podcast

QOO No.72: Introducing The Spoof

QOO No.71: Recent obituaries by my former college roommate

QOO No.70: From the Pop Culture Dead Letter Office, part two (on The Big Jewel)

QOO No.69: QOO Goes Audio! Again! "Plastic Bag"

QOO No.67.5: A List (My Italian ex-fiancee's ancestors in Pompeii)

QOO No.67: If the head counselor at my old summer camp wrote a "Household Q&A" column (on McSweeney's)

QOO No.66: Voices of Innocence: Stirring statements by unjustly persecuted heroes

QOO No.65: A List of Lists

QOO No.64: The City

QOO No.63: From the Pop Culture Dead Letter Office

QOO No.62: Pat Robertson's Ten-Point Plan for Dealing with Hugo Chavez

QOO No.61: Bad Semiotics Day

QOO No.60: An Open Letter to My Possible Future Clone

QOO No.59: Selected recipes by my former housemates

QOO No.58: Political Poetastery

QOO No.57: Mnemonic Devices for the Gullible

QOO No.56: The Wishful Want Ads

QOO No.55: Dear Lettie, a letter from the future queen of Spain's ex-husband on The Big Jewel

QOO No.54.5: Me on McSweeney's: the "Intersecting Microcosm" Brain Exploder

QOO No.54: Linda's Side of the Story

QOO No.53: Special audio issue on The Diagram: "Hello"

QOO No.52: Open Letter to Don McLean

QOO No.51: The E-Marketer at Home

QOO No.50: Special Audio Issue: "Stupid"

QOO No.49: Meet the Poet on The Big Jewel

QOO No.48: Excerpts from the T-LAT: the Tobacco Lobbyists Aptitude Test

QOO No.47: The Formative Years: Influential childhood incidents in the lives of world leaders

QOO No.46: QOO goes Audio Again: "Everyone's In Love But You"

QOO No.45: Nice Surprise Endings (epilogues to classics of middle-brow literature) on The Big Jewel

QOO No.44: News From a Parallel Universe

QOO No.43: The Scandal Page (formerly The Financial Page)

QOO No.42a: Special Announcement: Introducing The Big Jewel

QOO No.42: Arts and Entertainment News

QOO No.41: QOO Goes Audio! "Story of the Universe, God, Your Life, Sex, Death and So On"

QOO No.40: American Tour -- fifty filthy limericks, one for each state

QOO No.39: The Staff Report: a newsletter for heterosexual men

QOO No.38: Club News

QOO No.37: Special Tattoo Issue

QOO No.35: Three Modern-Day Interpretations of Zeno's Paradox

QOO No.34.5: Other upcoming novels by Britney Spears 

QOO No.34: Mailbag

QOO No.33: News (cigarettes recalled, luxury barfbag, Not-Very-Special Olympics, etc.) 

QOO No.32: Cultural Crime News 

QOO No.31: Ask Prof. Knowitall 

QOO No.30: Secrets of Numerology Revealed

QOO No.29: Clearance Sale (the auction issue) 

QOO No.28: Sigmund Freud, Tech Support Operator 

QOO No.27: I, Writer (on The Big Jewel)

QOO No.26: Mount Everest Records, World Court, EroGenius

QOO No.25: The Century in Review 

QOO No.24: The Asshole's Bill of Rights 

QOO No.23: Readers' Forum on Global Warming 

QOO No.21: Ask Mr. Symbols

QOO No.20: Letters from People Who Don't Usually Write Letters

QOO No.19: Obituaries of People You Never Heard of But You Just Know They Had to Exist

QOO No.18: Teen Talk with Chuck and Jesse

QOO No.17: Mailbag

QOO No.16: Litigation News

QOO No.15: Special Y2K Issue

QOO No.14: Sports News and This Week in History

QOO No.12: Arts and Leisure

QOO No.11: Health and Religion

QOO No.10: Buck's Back

QOO No.9: Honesty in Personal Advertising (on The Big Jewel)

QOO No.8: News (Millionth Tourist Murdered, Lumberjack Diet, etc.)

QOO No.7: Letters to the Editor

QOO No.6: News (Earthquake, Unborn Murderer, New "Mad Cow" Menace)

QOO No.5: Ask Buck

QOO No.4: The Generic News

QOO No.3: A Letter from Jeb Watrow

QOO No.2: News (Jerks' Rights Bill, Asteroid, Splice Girls)

QOO No.1: What Bothers Me About the Bums

Blog Blabs 2, March-April 2009: My favorite Paris scams and criminals


Blog Blabs 1, January-February 2009: Notes of a food fiend, Me a thief?, Low security at Charles de Gaulle, Literary parlor game, Simone the transvestite


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