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In case someone stops you on the street to ask,
I am also a composer.


Here are the audio back issues of QOO with MP3 versions of my lighter, more entertaining compositions:

"Getting To Know Me"

"Story of the Universe... And So On"

"Everyone's in Love But You"

"Plastic Bag"




Visit ChoppingEdge.com, home of "The Well-Tempered Axe",

the unreal book of 24 jazz tunes, one in each major and minor key
(my jazz tunes in lead sheet form), plus a couple of other jazz compositions. Includes MP3s.

To listen to MP3s of pieces from my collection of easy piano numbers for students, "12 Pieces for the End of the Century":


And Delusions

Mac Too

High Five

No-Theme Blues

Long Summer Night

To listen to MP3 versions of my MIDI demos (computer-generated recordings of pieces that should be played by real musicians with real instruments but I don't have them recorded yet):

"G-String Blues", my boogie-woogie for string quartet


"Half Minor",  for flute and piano


"Fantasy for Two Pianos", a theatrical piano duo


"Dichotomous II", a "virtual" piano piece


"Folk Dance Number 3", a violin-piano duo


I have always thought that "Dichotomous II" would work well as music for modern dance. Speaking of which, to order CDs of my so-far-best-known piano piece "Elastic Tango", which was featured by Mikhail Baryshnikov on his "Solos With Piano Or Not" tour (2003-2004) with choreography by Tere O'Connor:


"Elastic Tango" on "Incitation to Desire" recorded by Yvar Mikhashoff


"Elastic Tango" on "American Piano Music of Our Time" recorded by Ursula Oppens



To order the CD of my electronic piece "Mary and Ann" (based on a text from Samuel Beckett's novel Watt):


"Mary and Ann" on Sonic Circuits viii



To find out about my other pieces (bassoon and piano duo, solo piano pieces in the jazz idiom, SATB saxophone quartet in the jazz idiom, unaccompanied violin and saxophone pieces in the jazz idiom, quartet for flute-clarinet-violin-cello, etc., etc.), e-mail me: 

qoo ((-at-)) noos.fr

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