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Issue number 54.5                        March 18, 2004

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Special issue:

Me on McSweeney's


In a departure from my usual type of material, I have contributed a kind of a sort of a type of a kind of word puzzle to one of my favorite websites, McSweeney's Internet Tendency. So first, check out my McSweeney's "Brain Exploder".


And the answers...


Then, for those of you who like this sort of thing, the following is a list of "Titles From a Parallel Universe Where Everything is the Opposite" that didn't make the cut because they were too easy to figure out or too obscure. But perhaps amusing nonetheless:



1984 B.C.

Arctic of Chemotherapy

Pop songs:

You and Mr. Jones

Maggie Might Not

Without a Lot of Hindrance from Your Enemies

They Can't Relax It In

Jazz standards:


Square Noon

You Lost Oral Contraceptives

Reveille of Thumbsupsea

Spring Arrives

TV shows:

The Propdaughters









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