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Issue number 58                December 16, 2004

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Political Poetastery

Verses in response to an international calamity, November 2, 2004


As the gods said to Ulysses

When he sailed from Trojan piers,

As the Pharaoh said to Moses:

Four more years.


As the Normans told the Saxons

After wiping off their spears,

As the English said at Agincourt

To France's cavaliers,

As King Louis told the galley slaves:

Four more years.


As the Kaiser said to Belgium

On his way to Armentieres,

As Der Fuhrer said in Munich

After one too many beers,

As the camp commander whispered

Into Solzhenitsyn's ears,

As the Ayatollah told the Shah:

Four more years


Now suppose we had a president

Who played on people's fears

By exaggerating dangers posed

By swaggering viziers,

And, ignoring all advice from his

Respected UN peers,

Ran a deficit deposing them

And put us in arrears,

Meanwhile pandering barefacedly

To wealthy financiers,

Selling off our virgin forestlands

To thoughtless profiteers,

And revoking, say, free speech because

He says it interferes

With the righteous war against

Those greedy, lying, rogue emirs.

What would voters say to that?





¨©2004 by David Jaggard






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