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Issue number: 6

Posted on: August 26th, 1998

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 Earthquake Jars San Francisco, Nerves


        A medium-intensity earthquake juddered through the San Francisco region this morning at 6:05 am PST, causing minor damage.  No injuries were reported.  Lasting eight seconds and registering 5.4 on the Richter scale, the temblor brought back memories of the major earthquake which devastated the city and left thousands homeless in 1989.  Seeking to calm the public's fears of another "big one", a spokesperson for the International Advanced High-Performance Cutting Edge All-Digital Recently Updated Center for the Most Accurate and Reliable Possible Seismological Research, Analysis and Forecasting As Seen On TV said: "Generally speaking, in most cases an earthquake of this type usually precedes or follows another tremor of greater or lesser intensity which might take place minutes, hours, days or even years before or after the quake in question.  Or this could be an exception.  So as you can see, there's absolutely nothing to worry about."  The press conference was cut short immediately after this statement when a cloud of dust obscured journalists' vision as the entire staff of the center leapt into their cars and took off at a high speed, headed east. 

Unborn Child Youngest Ever to be Charged with Murder


        Key Riest, Fla.: A third-trimester unborn baby boy opened fire with an assault rifle at a pre-natal care clinic on Thursday, killing seven people, including his own doctor, and wounding four others, two of them critically.  The child's name is being withheld due to his age and the fact that he doesn't have one yet.  His mother, in an attempt to come to terms with her child's actions, said: "Well, it's true that he kept pretty much to himself.  But we never expected anything like this.  We had been playing him those 'Learn in the Womb' tapes with the alphabet and Mozart symphonies on them and everything."
        The puerile perp, who is due to be born on October 10th, was able to purchase an AK-47 and 2,000 rounds of ammunition at a local gun shop by lying about his age.  Lou Snuts, the owner of Lou's All-Nite Gun Shop and Prescription Drug Sample Giveaway Center in Miami, where the tiny terminator bought his weapon, commented, "Well, we try to be pretty strict around here.  We don't sell guns to just anybody.  We check 'em out pretty thorough.  But, you know, once in a while someone just sort of slips through, like.  It's to be expected. Everybody makes mistakes. No system is perfect. One thing you got to admit, though -- at least he didn't have a prior record."  Apparently the child's mother entered the store on July 15th to get a sample of Prozac and the ruthless rugrat took advantage of a moment of inattention to purchase and conceal the weapon.  "How the little skeeter managed to do it is beyond me," commented Miami Chief of Police Manny Gottmee, "but there you have it.  We can't change the past.  What's done is done.  You can't bring the dead back to life.  It's time to move on.  It's water over the bridge.  I mean dam."
        Florida state judge Howie Scroodus has until Thursday of next week to decide whether or not to try the feisty fetus as an adult.  If convicted as such, he would become the youngest defendant in US history ever to face the death penalty.  Furthermore, with Florida's recently-enacted legislation for speeding up the legal process and ridding the courts of their huge backlog of cases, the wily womb raider could possibly be convicted and executed before he is born.  For the moment, he is being held under house arrest and must wear an ankle bracelet 24 hours a day, no matter what he is doing.
        Asked -- not all that insistently -- for comment, the president of the National Arms Devotees Association, O'Thorn La Stench, had this to say: "This case proves one thing and one thing only: training in the proper use of firearms can't start too early.  If that child's parents had been listening to one of our fine pre-natal gun safety programs on CD like 'Hunting in the Uterus' or 'Come Out Shootin'!' instead of that crappy Mozart stuff, things probably would have turned out different. A child is never too young to learn the four basic principles of handling firearms:

1) Never point a gun at anything you don't want to kill;
2) Which is everything, so go ahead and wave that sucker around like a drunken octopus on a Tilt-a-Whirl;
3) Guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people, and:
4) When guns are outlawed, outlaws with guns won't kill. . .  no, wait. . .
4) When outlaws are outgunned, only inmates will be outlaws.  No, that's not it. . .
4) You'll get my gun when my in-laws get an outhouse.  Hang on,  I'll get it. . .
4) They'll get my goat when gun laws are outlined, only outboards will have inlays.

. . . Something like that."


Center for Disease Control Warns Public

of New "Mad Cow" Menace


            The National Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia (also known as the Youngman-Oldman Unit for Diseases, Infections and Epidemics) announced yesterday that 417 cases of a new and particularly fast-acting strain of so-called "mad cow" disease have been detected in the United States.  Affecting even lifelong vegetarians and, of course, incurable like the more familiar strain previously identified, this disease seems to be transmitted by merely thinking about the possibility of contracting it.  So far there is no hope for a cure, but three stages have been identified in the malady's progress.  The first symptom is the ability to pronounce "Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy".  In the next stage, the victim suffers a breakdown in the mental process for making simple binary decisions, such as whether or not to use foul language in front of one's grandmother or to fart loudly during weddings and funerals. The tertiary stage is marked by short but startlingly violent fits of sneezing, coughing, burping, yawning and hiccupping, all at once.  Sufferers compulsively seek out crowded theaters in which to yell "Fire!"  However, researchers noted that in 62% of the cases, the victim displays none of these symptoms and simply dies suddenly with no warning whatsoever, invariably just before sex.

Inside: Congress Overturns President's Veto of Bill Revoking Ban on Ceilings for Import Limit Restrictions

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