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Mini-issue number 64                      January 10, 2006

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The City



Me? Where'm I from? The City. Yeah, New York. Is there another one? Ha-ha. Yup, New York City. The Big Apple. Like the song says: "I'm a na-tive New Yor-kerrrrrrr..." Ha-ha. Manhattan boy, born and bred -- that's me all right! No, not right in Manhattan itself. Not exactly. But you know -- the boroughs... and stuff. Not actually in one of the five boroughs, no. But did you know that with these modern mass transit systems it takes less time to get to Midtown from Hoboken than from the Village? Yeah, it's true. Me, Hoboken? No. But pretty near. Around there. Well, no, not Jersey. Or upstate. Or Long Island. Or Connecticut. A small town in Nebraska, actually. But we went to New York all the time while I was growing up. Pretty much. Kind of. We would have. You know. But hey, we read the New York Times. Got it, I mean. A couple of times. And there was that eighth-grade class trip. Got cancelled, though. But still...







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