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April 28, 1962
Dear Bob,
     Contrary to your parting instructions, I thought about it twice.
In fact I thought about it a whole lot more than twice -- like multiple times every single day for about two years after you left. And I don't mean just sitting around wondering why, either. I'm talking about standing and pacing and mulling over all the whys, wherefores, how comes and what ifs.
     Most nights I was up until 3:00 am doing nothing but thinking. Ran up a whopping electrical bill for a while there. I brought this big floor lamp down from the attic that burns up a lot of juice (I never used it while you were here). Then after a while it occurred to me that since I wasn't reading or watching TV or anything there wasn't really any use in turning on my light. Don't you think?

     By the way, sometimes in the first few weeks after we broke up
I'd look outside my window and there'd be some guy standing in the shadows on the other side of the street. At first I thought it was you, but every time I called out your name (hah! Can you imagine me yelling like that?) the creep just stood there like he was deaf or something. So I guess that was pretty useless too, huh?

     Well, I'd better get to the point. Gosh, I hope I say the right thing here. We never were much good at talking, but I had to let you know: the rumors you've been told are true. There is a child. Her name is Harriet, she's almost five years old now and I'd like to get her into a decent boarding school. I don't want her walking back and forth to public school, what with all the crumbum drifters roaming the roads these days. They've all got this sicko lost-in-thought look of wonderment on their face. Bunch of losers. I bet half of them don't even have any idea where they're going.
     What I'm trying to say is, I just want what's best for her. I want to treat her with kindness. Or at least better than I apparently treated you. Not that you seemed to mind that much.

      Hey, you remember that heart-shaped silver locket you gave me?

I thought I'd let Harriet have it when she turns 18. A little keepsake from you. Really though, I guess what I want is your seal.
Of approval. Some closure, you know?

So anyway, bottom line, I was hoping that maybe you could contribute a little something to your daughter's education. 
     Think about it, all right?
     I hope you're faring well.
Bye! (Ugh -- terrible word, isn't it?)

PS: I didn't actually get up that morning until 11:30. Damn rooster had been keeping me awake so much I decided to start sleeping with earplugs. You think my time isn't precious?


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I warned you.  Bob Dylan.

Aren't you glad I avoided the temptation to just type "Bob Dylan"   times?
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