Tadelakt, Moroccan Plaster with Ground Limestone

Tadelakt can be used for walls, floors, sink basins, shelves, shower stalls, steam baths, and kitchens; nearly anywhere in the home.

In bars and restaurants it provides a feeling of upscale lavishness.

Compacted by hand with a Moroccan stone, it is extremely durable and waterproof.

Regis learned the art of Tadelakt from traditional Marrakechi artisans who use Tadelakt to create an organic yet chic feeling in Marrakechi Riyadh's (Moroccan villas) and steam baths. To the touch, Tadelakt feels like marble and is somewhat similar to Venetian Plaster. It is multi-hued, depending on the angle of reflected light and water, and is as noble as the Marrakech palaces it decorates.

© 2006 - Régis Bonhomme