What Scots tartans would a Gillespie wear ?

 Macpherson Hunting

The most popular among kilted males at clan gatherings, this elegant, grey-based sett respects the tradition of using muted colours to avoid attracting the attention of game when shooting or stalking. It was taken from a shawl given by Lord Lovat to his daughter when she married Cluny of the '45.






 Macpherson Red

This sett was provided by Duncan of the Kiln, and is wrongly confused with the Caledonia tartan: it is probably more elegant in the 'ancient' colours.







Macpherson Dress

A smart, light coloured tartan which can be worn by both men and women, although it would carry, especially with the white base, the preference of women for their sash and frock. The clan carries the distinction of being one of the few to boast a white tartan, and the crimson (now a mauve) line is said to have been added after 1689 to represent Macpherson blood spilt at the battle of Killiecrankie. Sadly, the sett itself is much maligned as a suspected commercial invention of the Sobieski-Stewarts.





Gillespie tartan

This plaid is claimed as a 'Gillespie' by Scott Adie, and is registered as #1361 on the House of Tartan website. There is no reason to class it as a 'clan' tartan.