Zatôichi (2003/Kitano) **** PRO
Kill Bill! ancient-japan-style = Kill Beat(Kitano)!
Zato Ichi, the so called Masseur-Itchi (a bleach-blond Beat Kitano!), is a poor homeless blind man on the road who likes gambling and doesnt talk much... but soon shows mastering skills to kill with his cane anybody who gets at hand reach.
then there are 2 evil gangs fighting over poor villagers, a drifting ronin with a sick wife, 2 deadly geishas making their own justice, a retard neighborboy who believes he's a samourai at war and other funny side kicks...
no need to talk about the plot or characters, just discover them. this movie is pure delight to go through. especially for the artistic touches. on the down side: the editing isnt perfect, CGI FX are slightly clumpsy but funny, and the screenplay is a bit oversignificant... but it's a popular japanese tale after all. (with a lot of previous versions apparently... i havent seen any, would like to)
the past is rendered by a meloncolic monotonal photography of wooden houses and dust roads. the music samples sounds from the screen (shoe clapping, worker tools...) in a rythmic dance. the characters are archetypal and cynic as Kitano likes them, imprevisible and comical. surrealist situations and absurd scenes complete his black humor.
there is an awesome scene of a cross-dresser boy who trains to dance like a state of art geisha edited with a 10 years earlier flashback! but most of all : katana fights, blood squirts and unbelievable tricks :)