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Thursday 23rd October 2003

SA's silence on Zim slammed
The South African government's silence on the persecution of the owners and staff of the Zimbabwean newspaper the Daily News by the authorities in that country, is scandalous, DA's Graham McIntosh said on Monday.

A Decade of Democracy
What is NEPAD? How far has South Africa come since 1994? Who is South Africa's Minister for Agriculture and Land Affairs? Did you know that South Africa's economy has experienced positive growth for the past 24 quarters?
These questions and issues were raised and discussed at a groundbreaking conference held in London at the weekend.

Monkeybiz. Positively HIV+
The Monkeybiz Bead Project is best known for its success in creating jobs for 250 poverty-stricken township women and marketing their unique artworks locally and abroad. It has elevated traditional African beading to an exciting level of contemporary craft art and has won acclaim at exhibitions worldwide. including Sotheby's in London.

Wintertime in Sweden
Get wrapped up and ready to go - it's wintertime in Sweden!
Whether you want to cosy up by an open fire in a manor house. slalom through glittering powder snow. do your Christmas shopping in a winter wonderland or get out into the wilderness with huskies and reindeers - Sweden in winter offers so much to do. see and enjoy for people of all ages - one visit might not be enough!

AltX opens its doors
The JSE's most-recent initiative, AltX, has opened its doors to trade, although there is not yet a single listing on the new alternative exchange. AltX is the first alternative exchange in Africa designed to cater for small and medium companies.

SA cents-appeal
The obvious pain to manufacturers and exporters aside. there is something satisfying about a currency that simply won't weaken. One may be forgiven for taking a gravity-defying rand at face value and concluding that it reflects greater confidence in South Africa, a boost to the Sêfrican brand, if you like.

Bartlett puts club before country
South Africa striker Shaun Bartlett is quitting international football to concentrate on securing a new contract with his club. Premiership side Charlton.

Springboks on 'Samoan alert'
The Springboks are on 'red-alert' ahead of their decisive 2003 Rugby World Cup Pool C clash against Samoa in Brisbane this Saturday. The match will decide which of the two teams will advance to the quarter-finals, alongside pool leaders and tournament favourites England.














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