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  • Download here the english version of Droopit utilities v1.9 for Mac OS X
  • Application launcher

    fully drag and drop

This alias manager will enhance your desk solving the problem of aliases storage and retrieving ...

Save up to 10 lists containing up to 11 items each: a group of folder, applications, documents, files according to your personal convenience !

Panther compatible 10.3
- Last update the 7thNovember 2003 * See the screenshots ** 1.4 Mo *



Download here the english version of eXtracTor URL v1.4 for Mac OS X (1.6 Mo)

Due to a piracy problem , our registered users are invited to download the latest version, see the link above. Thanks for your comprehension.

* Definitive version * 1 on the french site
- Last update the 26th of August, 2005* * See the screenshots

Especially designed for webmasters and developers, Extractor URL enables users to extract URL fields or email addresses from a given file or document, and to save the results separately in a textfile document. Extractor also enables in-depth searches of folders in order to extract specific fields from a given type - URL or email, or all of these- which are contained within the selection, whether they are text-based (text/MS Word/ RTF/InDesign/PDF/Excel), or application, archive or an image file with resource.The current version is compatible with Mac OS X 10.3 Panther.

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