Let me introduce myself: my name is steph, I was born in 1973 (how lucky I am, I was born the exact day of my birthday!), and more precisely the 19th of march, a very special day. This day is very special because it's MY birthday.

As a consequence, I appear so attractive to girls that I feel like Leonardo "D-cap-Rio". In fact, I am more like leonardo than like "D-cap-Rio" :-) (Dur Dur a traduire!)

Let's be serious. Here is my C.V. (in franch).

I couldn't stay  that serious. Here is my humoristic C.V. (in franch).

Computers have been my hobby for years, they're my job now. In my house, they're more numerous than plates, although plates are much more useful for meal. that's why my site is mainly dedicated to them

I also like trains, I built a N-shaped model railway some years ago. Click here to have a look at it (in franch).

here are some pictures of ME. Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with your monitor, nor with your internet access. Anyway, your computer will be all right.... but will you?

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